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How Much Does Transportation Management Software Cost?

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When you consider the capabilities of transportation management software (TMS) for your trucking company, you might wonder - how much does transportation management software cost? The answer - like most things in business - depends on your specific needs.

TransPlus TMS provides companies with a scalable solution designed to accommodate your company's size and budget. Whether you represent a small trucking company or a large-scale logistics operation, TransPlus TMS can optimize your processes, streamline communications, and help reduce costs, at a competitive price point. Here is a better look at cost considerations of transportation management software and how TransPlus TMS can deliver exceptional value for your business.

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TransPlus TMS Software and Prices

TransPlus TMS caters to businesses of all sizes with a tiered pricing structure that will help you find the right fit for the right price. TransPlus Lite is ideal for smaller trucking companies with 1-3 users. It provides core functionalities like dispatching, load management, driver payroll support, and 1:1 technical support from the TransPlus Team. TransPlus Standard accommodates 4-6 users and adds features like route optimization, distance records, freight tracking, profitability reports, safety and compliance monitoring, and more. Large-scale freight operations with 7 or more users may want to opt for TransPlus Enterprise - which provides the most comprehensive suite of features, including advanced reporting, business intelligence tools, and API integrations. Each of these TransPlus tier levels represents an upfront base cost.  

TransPlus understands that you may have additional needs - and that’s where TransPlus add-on modules may help. These optional features provide targeted functionalities like fuel management integration, accounting integration with QuickBooks®, document imaging, and EDI communication capabilities. This allows you to customize TransPlus TMS to perfectly match your business requirements and by offering scalable solutions and customizable add-ons, TransPlus TMS ensures you get the perfect balance of features and affordability.

TransPlus strives to provide trucking companies with an affordable Transportation Management Software option - but it is important to note that costs may vary based on the products and add-ons you choose as well as how many users you may have.

How To Choose the Right TMS Platform

Choosing the right Transportation Management System (TMS) is important for optimizing your logistics, trucking, and freight operations. TransPlus TMS is a powerful contender and a premier transportation management software provider - but with various providers out there, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Here are some key questions you need to ask when you choose a TMS provider:

  • How Long Has the Provider Been in Business? Experience translates to a proven track record and a product refined based on user feedback. TransPlus has been helping trucking companies drive success for more than 28 years with more than 3,400 active users.
  • Can the TMS Integrate with Your Existing Software? How your TMS functions with the rest of your systems is important. TransPlus functions as a seamless platform that can be integrated with a variety of systems and 3rd-party providers.
  • Is the TMS Cloud-Based? Cloud-based transportation management solutions offer increased accessibility, real-time updates, and eliminate the need for complex installations.
  • Are There Additional Costs Involved? Consider what level of IT support is required by the provider, and if there are any recurring payments that may be needed to use certain features. 
  • How User-Friendly is the Software? TransPlus TMS provides freight companies with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to adapt to and with TransPlus, you can expect your team to be fully trained and operational within 1-3 months.
  • How Long Does it Take to Install and Learn the System? Rapid implementation minimizes disruption and gets you up and running faster. TransPlus provides site support, webinars, personalized training options, and more to help get potential customers up and running faster.
  • What Level of Customer Support Does the Provider Offer? No matter how well you know and understand the software, you may still have questions. Reliable and responsive technical support ensures you have a helping hand if and when it is needed.

By considering these questions and evaluating potential solutions like TransPlus TMS, you can  confidently find the right TMS platform that streamlines your operations, reduces costs, and propels your business forward.

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While the cost of transportation management software (TMS) will vary based on your company's size and needs, the benefits can be substantial. Streamlined operations, reduced costs, and improved efficiency all contribute to a significant return on investment. TransPlus TMS offers  scalable solutions and competitive pricing, to help ensure you get the features you need without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to see how TransPlus TMS can revolutionize your trucking business? Contact TransPlus today for a demo and discover how cloud-based TMS can help drive success!

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