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TransPlus Connect

Build stronger relationships with your drivers through our brand new driver app, TransPlus Connect!

Strengthen Driver Relationships
Unlock Seamless Connectivity
Driver Engagement
Driver Experiences

Streamline your transportation operations with TransPlus Connect, an app designed to simplify and optimize your supply chain management.

TransPlus Connect

Build stronger relationships with your drivers through the brand new TMS companion app, TransPlus Connect!

Keep Drivers Connected with
TransPlus Connect

Effortless Dispatching

With TransPlus Connect, your drivers can accept or reject Trips, review their current itinerary, and prepare for their upcoming workdays. They get a full top-to-bottom view of where they're supposed to be with a personal calendar and an integrated notifications system that allows them to communicate directly with dispatch.

Mobile mockup of trip preview screen in TransPlus Connect app

Real-Time Visibility

Your drivers can communicate their status and ETAs right from the app, giving your dispatch team more accuracy for track and trace and upcoming trip planning. With the integrated workflow functionality, drivers can complete events in the app that can also be synced right to Fleet Manager. No need for endless back-and-forth texting and phone calls - everything can be managed with TransPlus Connect.

Mobile mockup of trip summary screen in TransPlus Connect app

Optimized Efficiency

TransPlus Connect is built to supercharge your efficiency and productivity. Each event is visible to the driver, the driver can upload images that link to trips in your Fleet Manager TMS and they can even receive their ACE or ACI clearance right through the app. TransPlus Connect directly integrates with your Fleet Manager TMS so that all your driver's important information is connected, allowing you to streamline your operations and reduce manual errors.

Mobile mockup of bulletin screen in TransPlus Connect app

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to success in transportation management. TransPlus Connect ensures that communication between drivers and dispatch is seamless. Our platform enables secure data sharing, real-time messaging, and integrated document management. All data is connected and presented in a way that makes it easy to communicate and share important information. With everyone on the same page, you'll all be working towards shared goals.

Mobile mockup of chat screen in TransPlus Connect app

Data Driven, Driver Focused

TransPlus Connect is designed to help you understand your business better, while getting the most out of your working relationship with your drivers. The app easily integrates with other providers that you already use in Fleet Manager, like telematics providers or cross-border services. With TransPlus Connect, your drivers will feel more connected than ever.

Mobile mockup of trip screen in TransPlus Connect app

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Introducing TransPlus Connect

Build stronger relationships with your drivers through the brand new TMS companion app, TransPlus Connect!

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