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What Are the Top Transportation Management Software Providers?

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What Are the Top Transportation Management Software Providers?

Logistics can be complicated no matter what industry you operate in and streamlining your transportation operations is crucial for efficiency and cost-control. Enter Transportation Management Systems. But with a wide range of providers in the industry that offer various features, tools, and platforms, selecting the right software for your company can be an overwhelming task. This guide helps answer the question - what are the top transportation management software providers - and explores some of the most popular providers on the market. Here is a closer look at the functionalities offered by leading TMS software companies - including TransPlus - a comprehensive end-to-end TMS solution for freight and shipping companies.

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Popular Transportation Management Software Providers

The world of Transportation Management Systems boasts a variety of powerful contenders. Popular industry leaders like TransPlus, Blue Yonder, Descartes Systems Group, Oracle Transportation Management, and SAP offer robust features for shippers and carriers alike. TransPlus employs a comprehensive end-to-end TMS solution designed to streamline your logistics operations and increase your efficiency at every level of the shipping process.

We know that you have plenty of options for TMS software and we want you to find the right fit for your business - no matter what company that might be. Freight companies interested in finding the right fit for their business may want to consider these popular transportation management software providers.


TransPlus provides shipping and freight companies with innovative software solutions that are geared toward improved operations and increased efficiency, providing you with the ability to scale and expand your business. The TransPlus Fleet Manager solution employs a suite of planning, operational efficiency, and payroll and finance features, in addition to technical support. TransPlus Logistics Manager software will help your company drive profits with order entry, order bid tracking, carrier rate history, carrier search, an EDI Module, and much more. TransPlus add-on modules and the TransPlus Connect App for drivers will help companies address specific needs, optimize efficiency, and build stronger relationships with drivers.

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder's TMS software stands out for its use of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities,  which can help optimize freight movement, predict potential disruptions, and suggest cost-saving strategies - but is not a replacement for the human element. This cloud-based platform provides software solutions for inbound and outbound freight, domestic and international shipping, fleet management, and strategic planning elements. Blue Yonder solutions are geared toward larger shipping companies with solutions that may not scale as well for smaller companies.

Descartes Systems Group

Descartes Systems Group is a major player in transportation management systems to consider. Their strength lies in offering a diverse platform that incorporates a quality transportation management system along with a broad spectrum of global shipping technology features. This integrated approach helps larger companies streamline operations, simplify compliance across borders, and provides valuable insights across your entire supply chain with the potential to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.


Oracle Transportation Management caters more towards businesses with complex supply chain needs. Unlike many competitors on this list, the Oracle transportation management system operates as a standalone system, separate from the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Oracle adds additional Global Trade Management and Oracle Transportation applications. 


SAP offers a robust suite of transportation and supply chain management systems that leverage the power of AI and cloud-based solutions. These cloud-based systems are designed to serve multiple purposes, including freight management, warehouse operations, and logistics optimization. By integrating with existing systems, SAP's cloud-based solutions can enhance visibility, improve efficiency, and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.

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Armed with a better understanding of the top Transportation Management Software (TMS) providers available on the market, you may be ready to choose the perfect solution for your business. While popular industry leaders offer impressive features, we have built TransPlus to stand out for its user-friendly interface, scalability, and powerful features designed to optimize every aspect of your transportation operations. When you choose TransPlus, you gain more than just software - it means partnering with a team dedicated to streamlining your logistics and achieving greater efficiency.

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