How Highway Motor Freight scaled faster with TransPlus

With Anoop Chahal, Founder of Highway Motor Freight

Building a growing, modern trucking operation with TransPlus.

Since 2017, Highway Motor Freight has grown 800% propelled by TransPlus.  Using the Fleet Management Software, HMF is able to manage a growing fleet from anywhere with a modern dispatch and monitoring system, saving money and communicating seamlessly. Key benefits included:

Created modern and powerful dispatch operations able to communicate with fleet in real time.
Save hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in damaged products, or late shipments.
Built a strong operational base that allowed the company to grow faster.
Saved thousands of hours by transitioning to automated processes for driver settlements and  expenses
Trucks on a highway

“This is hands down, the best software we’ve ever used in the transportation industry. I use the software every day. I’ve already recommended it to 3 other trucking companies.”

Anoop Chahal
Founder, Highway Motor Freight

“It does everything we need!”

Anoop and team quickly realized that they could manage and communicate with their entire fleet using TransPlus, while avoiding major costs and inefficiencies doing it the old way. They loved the ability to:

Automatically do driver settlements and driver expenses.
Monitor and track entire fleet, even setting reefer temperatures to avoid expensive claims.
See their revenue immediately. Used to take upwards of 15 days working with an accountant.
Complete truck history, just a click away.
Trucks on a highway
Trucks on a highway

“It’s affordable and I can use it from anywhere”

The software was very affordable and quickly paid for itself. And, the team at Highway Motor Freight use it anywhere they have an internet connection. Anoop was even able to manage his company on a trip to India!

Inexpensive. Almost immediate payback.
Quick and easy to set up. They were set up an optimizing in under a month.
They check in and manage their entire fleet wherever there’s an internet connection.

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