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Montana Group of Companies

Delivering automation and insight for a fast growing business

Montana invests heavily in technology to ensure they can maintain their service levels and the customer satisfaction rating they have built over the years.
Time Savings per Month
50 Hours
Productivity Gain
Using Fleet Manager
6 Months
“With Fleet Manager, we are able to do everything we need with this system.”

Sue Sharma

Sales Manager

The Challenge

Montana’s first experience with a Transportation Management System (TMS) initially met the needs of their business, but it became apparent that it would not keep up as they scaled their activities. They were still relying on manual work, which negatively impacted their productivity, efficiency and their commitment to using technology to deliver results.

They were facing roadblocks with their inability to calculate deadhead miles and the lack of automation for critical workflow processes – they were still printing out and storing orders and invoices, which often led to errors and duplicate orders being placed. These were costly mistakes that lead to frustration for their team and their customers.

Choosing TransPlus

A member of their team who had previously used TransPlus with another employer strongly recommended that Montana investigate the solution. After seeing the platform in action the Montana Group of Companies was keen to implement the solution as quickly as possible. TransPlus delivered and was able to get their new TMS up and running in only a few weeks with minimal disruptions to Montana’s operations.

“Before we started using Fleet Manager, we were using multiple platforms, which resulted in confusing workflow processes. Now with Fleet Manager, we can do everything in one system, allowing staff to see important information and updates."

Sue Sharma, Sales Manager

The Results

The transition to their new TMS has been a successful one, delivering improved workflows and eliminating the manual processes that had previous resulted in expensive errors and duplication. Their team’s increased productivity is reflected in their daily invoicing, a task that had previously taken them upwards of 3 hours to print and file 150 invoices now takes them only 30 minutes through TransPlus’ TMS.

Through the effective integration with their existing Samsara Live Track platform, their dispatchers can automatically and instantaneously give their driver’s new work and deliveries once a job has been completed. Order visibility is no longer an issue – TransPlus gives dispatchers the tools they need to see the status of their drivers, trucks and shipments at any given time.

About Montana Group of Companies

The Montana Group of Companies operates supply chain logistics services across North America. Offering 24/7 customer support, they can accommodate local and national deliveries and are capable of hauling oversize loads with their versatile 85-strong vehicle fleet.

Montana’s goal is to be the preferred solution provider in specialty materials with a strong reputation for zero injuries, intimate customer connections and unquestionable quality. These high standards put pressure on their ability to deliver on-time while providing exceptional customer service for their clientele.

Montana invests heavily in technology to ensure they can maintain their service levels and the customer satisfaction rating they have built over the years.

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