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TransPlus Releases Exciting New Features for Q1 2022

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Product Announcements for Q1 2022

Product and Engineering are crashing the gates of 2022 with our first major Fleet Manager release of the year, available starting January 14th!

As well, we’re excited to begin a new, more inclusive and dynamic chapter to product development, communications, and customer experience at TransPlus.

From product roadmaps to educational Webinars, expect clear, consistent and proactive communication regarding feature enhancements, exciting new functionalities and more.

We can’t wait to share more about the impactful changes we have planned for Fleet Manager in 2022, ensuring we continue to provide the most comprehensive, feature-rich and value-driven TMS platform to our loyal customers.

We are happy to announce the following exciting new features:

1. Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On functionality with native Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration is available to all Fleet Manager customers in our Q1 release. The benefits of SSO include:

  • Streamlined User Experience - Forget the Fleet Manager Log-In screen; log into Windows, click the “Fleet” icon and get to work!
  • Enhanced Security - Make multiple (and weak!) passwords a thing of the past by leveraging the combined power of SSO and AD.

--> Watch this quick how-to video on SSO.

2. MacroPoint Carrier Tracking Integration

The final touches on the Carrier Tracking feature are now available – position updates from outside carriers on the MacroPoint system are now being imported and available directly from within Fleet Manager.  Users now have more complete information at their fingertips when managing their contracted loads, no more check calls and emailed carrier updates!

3. MIR (DataDis) Integration for Asset Maintenance

Fleet Manager and the asset maintenance software, MIR, built by DataDis are now fully integrated automating the exchange of asset maintenance details for all trucks and trailers in your fleet.  This integration will gives users full visibility into the maintenance schedule and history of all assets with the details provided directly from the mechanics responsible for maintaining them.

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