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TransPlus Announces Investments to Disrupt the TMS Industry

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WATERLOO – October 26, 2022 – Today, TransPlus, a leading provider of fleet and logistics management software for the transportation industry, announced significant investments to drive future growth. The investments are intended to solidify its place as an industry leader and make TMS software accessible and affordable to all transportation companies.

The core of this investment is the rollout of its new platform, Cloud-Hosted Solution.The platform makes it easier for transportation companies to scale their business while reducing upfront infrastructure costs and ongoing in-house IT support. Since its launch in mid-2021, this alternative to expensive on-premises solutions has been an attractive incentive for many companies, regardless of size. 36% of their customer base has chosen to leverage the Cloud-Hosted Solution.

“Transportation and logistics professionals have been underserved by incumbents with expensive and hard-to-use TMS systems for too long. The incredible response from our customers reaffirms our mission to make TMS software accessible for all.” – Jake McGuire, CEO of TransPlus

The announcement comes with a flurry of other investments including:

Key Leadership Changes  

After the appointment of Jake McGuire as CEO in January 2021, several members were added to the executive team. These include Jordan Lipson as VP of Operations, who has spear-headed significant changes in support and onboarding, as well as Michael Estabrooks who, as Director of Product and Engineering, will drive the product roadmap and ensure TransPlus is positioned for successful future releases.

New Headquarters

After outgrowing its previous location, TransPlus relocated its headquarters to Waterloo Region.Boasting the second-highest density of start-ups in the world, this region is home to some of the largest technology companies in Canada.

New Tiered Offerings

TransPlus has priced and productized its offerings to provide flexibility for companies of all sizes. The industry leading TMS system, Fleet Manager, now comes in several versions (Lite, Regular and Enterprise) to meet customer needs across a range of fleet sizes.

Comprehensive Digital Product Guide

TransPlus has launched a Support Knowledge Base allowing customers to learn about their products on their own. With hundreds of articles, TransPlus has leveraged 30 years of experience into a robust resource for its users.

Growth in Integrations

TransPlus has partnered with industry leaders in the telematics, ELD, accounting and compliance spaces. New integration partners include Macropoint, Samsara, Project44, Quickbooks, MIR – DataDis, RMIS and Isaac.

“We're excited by our progress in creating a customer-first culture. These investments accelerate our goal of creating a TMS solution that will help transportation companies of all sizes achieve more efficient operations and put money back in their pockets.” - JakeMcGuire, CEO of TransPlus

About TransPlus

Since 1995, TransPlus has helped transportation carriers automate and streamline their business operations with their comprehensive trucking software solution. The company commits to providing exceptional customer support, earning the trust of hundreds of trucking and brokerage companies across North America.

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