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5 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Transportation Management System

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Having a top-quality transportation management system is vital in running an effective and scalable transportation company. Not only can a TMS help you manage your fleet’s overall productivity, but it can also help you manage your overall company when it comes to operations and compliance.

In this guide, we’ll break down several key indicators that your TMS needs to be upgraded to handle modern transportation and logistics needs.

1. The needs of your company are becoming more complicated.

Small transportation companies can usually manage their dispatch needs without a TMS platform in place, but as those companies begin to scale and grow, their management and operational needs may become more complex.

This is where a transportation management system could provide big benefits to your business. Your fleet will see significant benefits by adopting modern technology, most of which can be personalized to fit your needs. The most powerful TMS platforms can help you with administration, maintenance, operations, driver tracking, and so much more.

2. Your existing TMS just isn’t as useful as it once was.

An old or outdated TMS platform can struggle to keep up with the modern demands of a growing business. Sometimes vendors may seem like a good fit for your company but after putting their TMS products to use you can see they just aren’t an ideal fit for you and your team.

Before you start shopping around for a new system, make sure to ask yourself a few key questions:

Is the application you need going to be mobile-friendly and easy to access remotely across the entire system?

Are you struggling to gather your valuable data and create meaningful, accurate reports?

Do you need a system that is compatible with your business’ existing infrastructure?

It is very important that your new TMS upgrade addresses all the “pain points” that you are currently experiencing. The superior TMS solution should also boast high-quality support and responsive vendors, as well as offer flexibility and scalability as your business grows – the last thing anyone wants is to go through the process of finding a new TMS all over again.

3. Your fleet is steadily growing.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan on adding a dozen, or a hundred new vehicles – you’ll need to quickly adapt to handle the additional administrative and tracking needs of these new vehicles.

If you anticipate that your fleet will be growing, now is the perfect time to adopt a TMS software. An expanding fleet is a key indicator that a business is scaling and having a TMS in place ensures that you can manage the costs and services related to these new assets more efficiently. To help streamline your processes, look for a TMS that can be personalized to your business’ unique needs. This will ensure that your company’s growth is uninterrupted and capable of taking on more as the business requires it.

4. You need to retain more drivers.

2020 was a challenging year for the transportation industry. Many skilled drivers opted to leave their positions in light of the difficulties surrounding the global pandemic. Driver retention, however, is not a new issue, and this sector has been declining consistently over the past decade.

The goal of all companies should be to retain the talent they have invested in, which often means making an additional investment in a high quality TMS solution. A good TMS solution can facilitate an easier working experience for employees at all levels of your business, not just the administrators. TMS platforms can be used to increase visibility on hours worked so you can better manage your drivers’ valuable time and reduce driver fatigue. TMS applications should also be mobile-friendly and accessible for dispatchers and drivers to use so they can map routes, avoid traffic, and ultimately reduce the costs associated with late deliveries and traffic accidents. Help your drivers make the most of their time on the road and ensure they get paid in a timely manner with a TMS system that stays with them every mile on the road, and help your business retain your most valuable investment.

5. You need to reduce your IT costs.

How much is your bottom line affected by maintaining your company’s IT needs? If you spend more time managing your IT infrastructure than you do managing your fleet, it may be time for a TMS upgrade. While an IT department is vitally important to your operations, your core company needs should always be the focus of your time and budget.

By using a TMS solution with hosted services, you can ensure that your existing IT services are used more efficiently. TMS solutions provide data security, blackout recovery, and overall system automation and connectivity. This will reduce a significant amount of the manual effort your company puts into managing your logistics. This will not only save you time, but it will also save your money – a good SaaS TMS platform is much more cost-effective than juggling on-site software.

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