Mileage Integration

About Mileage Integration Module

The Mileage Integration Module provides theseamless integration of data between Fleet Manager Professional and industryleading mileage calculation software PC*Miler and Pro Miles. This directcommunication updates all relative information required for rating, fuel tax,tariff, routed miles, driver directions and payroll.

The Mileage Integration Module offers the following features: 

  • Real-time visualdisplay mapping of truck locations/routes
  • ETA/Distance toa point
  • Calculates thedistance between two or more points for rating or dispatch
  • Calculates thedistance based on the Trip route for Driver Payroll purposes
  • Calculates thedistance travelled in each jurisdiction of a Trip for IFTA reporting
  • With TrimbleMaps (PC*Miler Online), get real-time traffic and weather data

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