Mileage Integration

About Mileage Integration Module

The Mileage Integration Module provides the seamless integration of data between Fleet Manager Professional and industry leading mileage calculation software PC*Miler and Pro Miles. This direct communication updates all relative information required for rating, fuel tax, tariff, routed miles, driver directions and payroll.

The Mileage Integration Module offers the following features: 

  • Real-time visualdisplay mapping of truck locations/routes
  • ETA/Distance to a point
  • Calculates thedistance between two or more points for rating or dispatch
  • Calculates thedistance based on the Trip route for Driver Payroll purposes
  • Calculates thedistance travelled in each jurisdiction of a Trip for IFTA reporting
  • With TrimbleMaps (PC*Miler Online), get real-time traffic and weather data

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