Freight Tracking

About Freight Tracking Module

Many companies are requesting real-time tracking and tracing of shipments to ensure that goods are consistently on-time and more pressure is being placed on the transportation industry to maintain top carrier statistics. TransPlus integrates with many third-party FreightTracking providers so that your Fleet Manager Professional Orders are seamlessly updated in their Freight Tracking portals.

Keep your customers happy and help guarantee carrier success by implementing the Freight Tracking Module. Combine with the Telematics Module to provide satellite information to your Freight Tracking partner and use Telematics Workflow to keep pickup and delivery information up-to-date to improve your carrier scores.

  • Real-time integration with Freight Tracking vendors
  • Use Trip Event information to update shipment information with Freight Tracking partners
  • Add and Manage your own Freight Tracking customers through an easy-to-use interface

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