ACE & ACI e-Manifest Integration Module

About the ACE and ACI e-Manifest Integration Module

The submission of e-Manifests is a task that requires timing, precision, and resources. TransPlus has developed a seamless method of creating, submitting, and managing e-manifests directly from within Fleet Manager Professional. There is no need to duplicate any information to an outside system.

The system alerts you of any pre-submission issues so you can make any necessary adjustments before electronically submitting the e-manifest. Once all manifest details are in order, simply click the submit button and the e-manifest is sent directly to the border through one of our integration partners.

The ACE and ACI e-Manifest Integration offers the following features:

  • Seamlessly submit e-manifests directly from within Fleet Manager Professional
  • Efficient design offers easy menus with point and click options
  • Provide confirmation of acceptance directly within the software
  • Access rejection details for the easy correction and resubmission of e-Manifests
  • Arrive In-Bond shipments electronically

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