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ASL Global Logistics

Providing The Tools ASL Needed to Improve Efficiency and Profitability

When ASL's TMS couldn't deliver the level of service their customers expected, it was time to look for a TMS that would also be easier to operate and automate.
Top Fleet Employer Award
Reduction in Manual Processes
Less Time Spent on Handling Documentation
“Our profitability has increased across all aspects of our business by making us more efficient and more transparent in making decisions in-house on services we used to outsource.”

Mohit Brown

Safety Director

The Challenge

The business had been using an alternative transport management system from a leading provider, but this was not a fully integrated solution, which meant that several processes, including payroll, document management and subcontracting services relied on individual systems that needed a lot of manual intervention just to get the data into the correct hands of the right department. Email was often used to track and house documentation which caused errors and rework. IFTA reporting was conducted out of the application and was handled by a 3rd party, which was costly. They also had limited monitoring when it came to 3PL Loads.

When the TMS started to impact the firm’s ability to deliver the levels of service their customers expected, it was time to look for a new solution that would also be easier to operate and able to provide a greater level of automation.

Choosing TransPlus

With the previous experience using TransPlus, the operations manager was quick to make a recommendation. After a demonstration of the platform’s capabilities, and in particular the features which the previous system was unable to deliver, including indexing and scanning, solving IFTA issues and automating payroll, the team at ASL were keen to implement the solution. They immediately noticed how easy and intuitive TransPlus’ Fleet Manager software was to use enabling them to train staff quickly.

"TransPlus offers a lot of integrations that are essential to our business. It has reduced our manual processes, improved our productivity, and eliminated a lot of paperwork. As a result, we are more environmentally friendly."

Mohit Brown, Safety Director

The Results

With integration into the other systems used by ASL, the new TransPlus TMS has delivered some incredible results, including a 30% reduction in manual processes, 25% less time spent handling documentation, and overall improvements in productivity. This has given ASL the confidence to continue their growth into the US with a system they can rely on to ensure they are meeting the demands of their customer base.

About ASL Global Logistics

ASL Global Logistics was founded in 2003 with a bold vision to become one of Canada’s premier transport and freight logistics companies. Since its inception, the company has developed an enviable client list which includes some of Canada’s largest blue-chip Importers and Exporters. From a modest five trucks in 2003, the fleet has grown to 350 trucks, 300 reefers, 150 dry vans and 100 tankers.

With a commitment to delivering the highest standards of service, the company was awarded the Top Fleet Employer in 2019. It’s also maintained a high level of quality assurance being ISO 9002 certified, which has allowed them to attract some of the largest organizations in the world as customers.

With a dedicated staff that focuses on driver training and compliance they’ve been able to consistently be recognized as one of the top fleets based in Canada. And with a recently opened US based operation they will continue to drive the same strategy for growth and customer excellence which has made them successful north of the border.

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