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A New Solution That Delivers Real Time Benefits to Canadian and US Operator

"Support from the Trans Plus team is spot-on and the integration with other systems has significantly changed our working practices for the better."

Matthew Kaczmarski

General Manager


Mill Creek Motor Freight was founded


Joined the Kriska Transportation Group


Less time at border crossing


Fleet Manager
Accounting Integration Module
Mileage Integration Module

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Our Client

Mill Creek Motor Freight, in Cambridge, Ontario, provides a full-service transportation solution with a strong commitment to excellence in customer service. The firm offers cross-border services to the US and Mexico and has built up an enviable reputation for success since the business was founded in 1980.

Mill Creek Motor Freight provides Canada - USA Truckload and LTL Transportation Services, as well as Mexican Truckload Transportation Services.

In 2014 Mill Creek joined the Kriska Transportation Group headquartered in Prescott, Ontario. This group of companies provide a large network of logistical support. In total, the group offers its customers a rolling stock of more than 600 power units, 1,600 dry trailers, and 300 refrigerated trailers.

The Challenge

Before switching to Trans Plus, the business was relying on a transport management system from a leading TMS provider. The existing system had a few challenges - they were unable to fully automate their workflows and their TMS provided no geofencing capabilities. There were some additional minor issues, such as having to manually enter time zones, but there were some major issues as well – the largest of which was the lack of integration with other systems, including ACE/ACI and EDI, which ultimately affected their performance scores with their customers.  

A third-party solution was being used to help them manage their digital documents, but it was clunky and inefficient to operate. These issues, combined with a system provider that failed to live up to their promises in terms of IT support, meant that their methods of transportation management were much more complex and time-consuming than they needed to be.

“We’re delighted with the TMS solution Trans Plus have provided. The platform is really easy to operate and is very user friendly. Support from the Trans Plus team is spot-on and the integration with other systems has significantly changed our working practices for the better”.

Matthew Kaczmarski, General Manager

Choosing Trans Plus

Once Mill Creek became part of a much larger operation it was clear that a better solution was urgently needed to achieve synergy between the different businesses. One of the other operations falling under the Kriska umbrella – Icon Transportation Logistics - was already using Trans Plus for their TMS needs. The fact that they were pleased with the solution prompted the Mill Creek team to contact Trans Plus and explore a solution for their business.

Working with the senior team, a solution was implemented which offered full integration with other systems, including Isaac telematics and Four Kites, and provided full workflow automation, along with handling geofencing, time-zones and record keeping with ease.

The Results

Since implementing Trans Plus there have been some significant performance improvements across the business. Because Trans Plus integrates everything so effectively staff only need to work with a single screen, making it easy to manage and track shipments and new orders. Drivers have benefitted from a 65% reduction in time spent at the border crossing, leading to improved delivery times and creating capacity for new orders. These benefits have reduced operational costs, saved resources, and enabled the firm to work seamlessly with other businesses in the Kriska Group.

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