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Enabling a Leading Carrier with Optimizing Delivery and Logistics Processes

"The Trans Plus support team has been great over the years, they respond to our inquiries in a timely manner and are always easy to reach."

Tinatin Jgenti

Operations Management, GIGG Express Inc.





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Our Client

GIGG Express Inc. operates up to 700 vehicles with 1,200 trailers based in Ontario and Quebec. With a modern fleet of 53’ dry vans, GIGG can create a secure and safe environment for all sorts of products. They deliver everything - ranging from automotive parts, furniture, retail goods and consumer products throughout the USA and into Mexico. All shipments stay within GIGG’s expansive network all the way through to delivery in Mexico where a partner network then manages distribution to all major centers across the country.

The Challenge

Before working with Trans Plus, GIGG Express Inc. was operating a manual system to manage shipments. They quickly recognized that a full transportation management system (TMS) would be essential to support their future growth. It was clear that the manual system was error-prone and added unnecessary complexity for both office staff and drivers. New employees who had recently joined the GIGG Team had used Trans Plus in previous roles and were keen to recommend Trans Plus as a solution.

"Trans Plus has been great to work with, providing a platform which meets our needs. Their team is always happy to help develop the system to support the growth of our business."

Tinatin Jgenti, Operations Management

Choosing Trans Plus

Trans Plus Software appeared to be the perfect solution for GIGG. It provides full visibility of each delivery, full oversight of each vehicle's location and progress, making it easy to maximize vehicle capacity and routes. It also assists GIGG with their commitment to providing a superior level of customer service to their clients, supplying more accurate and up-to-date delivery information.

The Trans Plus system also integrates with other solutions implemented by GIGG, including Samsara, Sage 300, and ACE/ACI solutions. Trans Plus provides an effective electronic data interchange (EDI) which makes it easy for carriers to implement efficiently with minimal training requirements.

The Results

The GIGG Team has reported significant improvements in overall performance since implementing the Trans Plus TMS. They are pleased with the user-friendly interface and the excellent support provided by the Trans Plus team to ensure the system is set up perfectly to meet the needs of their business. GIGG’s TMS is set up to generate updates every 15-seconds ensuring that real time data is available to support logistics planning, and the electronic data interchange (EDI) integrates effectively with other systems.

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