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Forbes-Hewlett Improves Visibility Across Their Entire Fleet

"Trans Plus has been a valued partner for the past 25 years. Their developers continue to upgrade the platform every year, allowing us to stay competitive and efficient."

Nick Moschella

Nick Moschella, VP Operations

2 Days

Time reduction per support incident

6x Growth

Increase in Fleet Size

12 Years

Using Fleet Manager


Fleet Manager
Accounting Integration Module
Mileage Integration Module

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Our Client

Forbes-Hewlett Transport has been providing flexible, comprehensive freight solutions since 1985. The firm has worked hard to develop a great company culture and build a modern fleet with a skilled team of drivers. They believe that every customer deserves to work with a carrier that they can trust to operate safely, deliver on-time, and communicate proactively.

Forbes-Hewlett specializes in cross-border Truckload service to and from select Northeast, Midwest and Southeast states. Their well-maintained fleet and the skilled, experienced transportation professionals who operate them, deliver freight across the border smoothly and efficiently.

Forbes-Hewlett Transport currently operates 100 tractor units and 250 trailers. 80% of their work is dedicated to transborder business to the US, and the remainder of their time is spent making local deliveries and refrigerated haulage across the automotive and FMCG sectors.

The Challenge

The industry looked a little different 25 years ago when Forbes-Hewlett began searching for a transport management system (TMS) and was referred to Trans Plus. Back in the late 1990s the firm was still taking calls and recording orders manually. They used a lot of paper to print out copies of driver instructions and generate invoices.

Tracking trucks and deliveries was especially challenging – it could sometimes take days or weeks to provide their customers with updates on their loads. The process required different functional activities across the business, so their staff often found themselves working in “silos”, using disparate software solutions that lacked interoperability.

"Operations are more streamlined and we can communicate with customers and drivers faster. Trans Plus allows us to take a proactive approach with our customers."

Nick Moschella, VP Operations

Continually Developing the Solution

Trans Plus continued to invest in their software and was able to improve the overall performance and deliver enhancements that reflected the needs of businesses like Forbes-Hewlett. With the support of the innovative TMS solution, Forbes-Hewlett was able to scale their business to support more trucks, all while decreasing the staff required to run their operations. According to Forbes-Hewlett, the software and backend support is fast and powerful, and the way the platform is designed limits the number of user errors that can be made. Trans Plus committed to designing an intuitive system that supported the logical flow of the transportation industry, while providing a satisfying overall user experience. The TMS provider developed a valuable integration module that connected the information in Forbes-Hewlett’s TMS with their existing accounting system, helping them streamline their invoicing and payroll.

Trans Plus also provided extensive supports for EDI functionality, making it easy for Forbes-Hewlett to stay competitive in a demanding market. The Trans Plus TMS solution encompassed all areas of Forbes-Hewlett’s business and allowed them to stay connected, responsive, and agile in a rapidly-changing industry.

The Results

When Forbes-Hewlett first adopted the Trans Plus transportation management system they were a team of 4 staff that supported 15 trucks. Today, a productive team of only 6 can support 100 trucks and provide faster service and complete transparency for tracking vehicles and deliveries. With the Trans Plus TMS solution they have been able to establish a proactive approach that ensures they can stay on top of their commitments and maintain excellent service delivery levels year over year.

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