Case Study

Delivering Visibility to a Temperature-Controlled Freight Company

“The system is really user friendly; support staff are highly responsive, and we have seen real performance improvements.”

Wendy Stafford





Loads going cross-border to US

48 Hours

From a 2 week invoicing cycle


Fleet Manager
Accounting Integration Module
Mileage Integration Module

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Our Client

SM Freight is an LTL and truckload carrier specializing in logistics, freight management and warehousing. Operating 70 trucks out of Ontario, Canada, the firm has found its niche primarily in temperature-controlled logistics and has grown the business to achieve an annual turnover of $22M.  

SM Freight’s shipments consist of products that require either warm or cool environments so a lot of emphasis is placed in the proper handling and care of their shipments to ensure the product reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

Through their ‘quality not quantity’ philosophy, they consistently achieve a high standard of customer satisfaction. The SM Freight team works hard to deliver an exceptional quality of service, despite constant battles with an industry-wide driver shortage problem.

The Challenge

When SM Freight first contacted TransPlus several years ago, they were interested in the potential for streamlining and automating their systems and processes to help them improve their performance and sustain their commitment to customer service. The business was supporting a growing number of staff that relied heavily on paper invoicing, trailer boards and cards. With 80% of loads going cross border into the United States, the company also needed better real time visibility to keep track of shipments, especially since they consisted of temperature sensitive loads. This meant that the company had very little margin for error for the timing of each delivery.

Choosing TransPlus

SM Freight enquired about the TransPlus TMS as it appeared to offer everything they needed in an affordable package. According to SM Freight, the additional support and personal service that the TransPlus team offered was evident at the first meeting.  It was important that they felt confident about deploying automation into their business. This, along with TransPlus’ ability to integrate with a variety of other solutions that their business required - ranging from telematics, accounting, and maintenance - were key in SM Freight's decision to use TransPlus TMS. TransPlus also had a document imaging solution which helped alleviate a lot of the manual invoicing.

"The additional support and personal service that the TransPlus team offered was evident at the first meeting. It was important that we felt confident about deploying automation into our business."

Wendy Stafford, Owner

The Results

Since implementing TransPlus, the business has continued to maintain a steady trajectory of growth while keeping pace with numerous challenges within the trucking and logistics industry. SM Freight’s employees have been able to save time by reducing a typical two week invoicing cycle down to 48 hours. They’ve gained real time visibility on truck loads going into the US and can take a more proactive approach to resolving any shipment issues encountered on a route. The SM Freight team is particularly pleased with the functionality from TransPlus’ document imaging solution and have immediately seen a reduction in paperwork.

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