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TransPlus Software Releases Cloud Hosting Solution for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

TransPlus is now offering a cloud hosting solution to new and existing customers in the transportation and logistics industry. The solution reduces start-up and maintenance costs.

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GUELPH, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 3, 2021 - TransPlus is proud to announce that it is now offering a cloud hosting solution to new and existing customers in the transportation and logistics industry. TransPlus has helped transportation carriers automate, streamline, and optimize operations through Fleet Manager, a comprehensive trucking software solution.

TransPlus provides a robust fleet and logistics management software platform that directly addresses customers’ specific needs. The company specializes in providing modules designed for truckload and LTL carriers, intermodal container shipping, and specialized haulers such as car carriers, bulk carriers, contract carriers, logistics companies and freight and produce brokers.

Through integrity, accountability, and trust, TransPlus empowers fleets to overcome challenges while providing the flexibility to scale as businesses grow. The innovative management tools deliver a competitive edge to companies looking to stay on top of the rapidly changing transportation industry.

The new cloud-hosted solution reduces overall costs to support and manage the software solution, while decreasing expensive hardware costs, capital investments and data center costs, and minimizing the resources and staff required to run and maintain the software solution. The company is embracing the industry’s overall shift away from traditional on-premises infrastructure to the more versatile opportunities that cloud computing can bring.

"We want to provide customers with the opportunity to take advantage of our software without the large capital investment required in purchasing hardware, software licenses and maintenance costs. This shift in moving away from a large capital expenditure toward a more manageable monthly operational cost will help customers utilize those additional funds toward other core areas of their business," said TransPlus CEO Jake McGuire.

Since 1995, TransPlus has helped transportation carriers automate and streamline their business operations with a dependable software solution. The comprehensive trucking software solution is designed, implemented, and supported by the TransPlus team of professionals who are dedicated to customer success. The company commits to providing exceptional customer support, earning the trust of hundreds of trucking and brokerage companies across North America.

The TransPlus Fleet Manager solution is a logical, user-friendly system that takes an average of six weeks to implement. It is easy to implement and easy for the customer to use.

Fleet Manager assists in daily operations by providing a seamless flow of information across all systems to manage a transportation business. Greater visibility allows for better planning to avoid issues like shipment delays or empty miles. An improved workflow eliminates manual processes and increases the profitability per load. Know where loads are in real-time with accurate shipment information while measuring and tracking performance to identify key trends for future planning.

"Confident, empowered users are the key to a strong TMS implementation, and we go above and beyond to make sure your team is ready to hit the ground running. We provide hands-on training and responsive support services to guarantee success and give you peace of mind in your investment," McGuire said.

For more information and to request a demo, visit transplus.io.

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