Jordan Lipson

Vice President, Operations

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A woman typing in at a warehouse

Get to know Jordan Lipson.

I joined the TransPlus team in June 2021 as the VP of Operations. I wear many hats 🀠.


‍What is your favorite thing about working at TransPlus?

‍Undoubtedly, the people. The TransPlus team is full of committed, intelligent, highly capable characters.


‍How has your career grown since starting at TransPlus?

‍It’s been an incredible learning experience, leveraging a sophisticated tech-stack to supercharge and streamline our operations.


‍What is something interesting that people don't know about you?

‍Jeez … I don’t find myself that interesting lol! I guess that my undergraduate is in Fine Arts/Digital Design, I was accepted based on detailed character sculptures made out of Fimo, clay and all sorts of different materials. I made monsters πŸ‘Ή.


‍What hashtags best describe you?

‍#notabigfanofsocialmedia? Seriously though - #dynamic #approachable #accountable #humble


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